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Highlands Area Soccer Club

Highlands Area Soccer runs almost exclusively on volunteers.  We can't do this without parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc devoting their time and talents to help make each season spectacular for the kids! 

Please contact a board member if you want to help.  There are lots of opportunities to help and be involved! 

Board of Directors

Please contact the appropriate person using the contact list below. 
Going to the top first is not always the best path as it often results in delays as issues are generally referred back to the person in charge of that area.  If that person does not respond adequately, then please contact the Club President for additional support.


President: Jen Rigatti-*2 year term began 2022
Vice President: Megan Lilly-*2 year term began 2021
Treasurer: Eric McMahon-*2 year term began 2021
Secretary: Chelsey McMahon-*2 year term began 2022
Registrar: Holly Levin-*2 year term began 2022


Ref Assignor: OPEN
Director of Sponsorships: Dionne Hasson
Director of Fields and Grounds: Matt Kuniak
Director of Equipment:  Open
Director of Player Development:  Open
Director of Coaching: Jakub Kasprzyk
Director of Travel: Brad Romonovich  
Director of Communications: Holly Levin
Director of Fundraising:  Kathleen Rankin
Director of Clothing: Dionne Hasson
Director of In House: Kevin Casella
Co-Directors of Concessions: Megan Lilly
   Shannon Valenti-Baker